My hijab story

I was going to write a long post but then I thought ” hey I will just interview myself” so here is my hijab story.

1. When did you start to wear hijab?
When I was 9 years old, for some of you out there it might seem young but it was completely my own choice to wear it.

2. What made you wear it?
I was mostly surrounded by woman wearing the hijab. And after I’ve learned why muslim woman and girls wear the hijab I decided to join the group.

3. How did your family take it when you started wearing hijab?
They where proud of me also because it was completely my own choice to wear it.

4. Since wearing hijab did you notice any changes in the way people saw you.  I think every girl who wears the hijab will know the feeling of getting weird looks from some people.

5. Did you go through any difficulty/problems when wearing your hijab? No I didn’t  really go trough any difficulty or problems.

6. What have you gained from wearing the hijab? Self respect and confidence.

7. Anything else you would like to say?
For anyone thinking about wearing hijab do your research, I think that’s a very important thing and know why you want to wear it.


15 thoughts on “My hijab story

  1. Carol Balawyder says:

    I found your self interview very interesting but it also left me wanting to know more. In your post you said: “And after I’ve learned why muslim woman and girls wear the hijab I decided to join the group.”
    So, why do muslim women and girls wear the hijab?
    And you also said that wearing the hijab gave you self confidence and respect. How so?
    I hope that you will not take offense to my questions but as a non-muslim woman I am curious and thank you for sharing your culture. I believe that it is through a better understanding of each others’ culture and beliefs that we can learn to live in harmony.

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    • littlesprinkelofme says:

      Main reason why muslim woman wear hijab is modesty when dressed in a covering way, I am not showing my body to anyone. People are forced to judge me by my actions and speech, by how well I do my job or how I interact with others, rather than by my looks. I am noticeably different, a Muslim. Most people respect that.Wearing the head covering works to remind me of my duties. I am more likely to be a better person when I am covered because the headscarf is a potent reminder to me of what type of behavior and attitude is expected of me. I am less likely to lose my temper, more likely to be kind and forgiving, in difficult situations.
      In my experience, the hijab or headscarf is beneficial to me. Not only do I have the security that I am following my believes and pleasing God, but I also experience great comforts in this life because of my coverage.

      * I’m not offended in any way because of your questions thank you for being so interested in my “interview”

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  2. New Journey says:

    Thank you for explaining it more as above, I was wondering the same wonderful for you to have the insight at 9 years old to one to be more, and respect yourself, and your God to change your life style….kudo’s…..makes me understand it all better, I always thought you had no choice in wearing the hijab….very interesting….

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  3. hasmeetwrites says:

    I had a Muslim friend who will always tell me to dress in a conservative manner (I hope it’s not hurtful to say that). Though I’ve always been intrigued by Islam and its laws. He also told me the reason behind hijab. It’s beautiful. I think every human has the right to practice his/her religion. He said that women are precious. Just like when you buy an iPhone, you want a screenguard, a phone case etc to protect. The same way, women are precious. They need to protect themselves. I believe in it because I come from a country where women are judged by their looks. I really hope I didn’t demean anybody.

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